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AVK Holding aquires the remaining shares of Flonidan and is now our 100% owner.



Fourth generation of smart gas meters with new electronic index. All functions are integrated: TC, valve, datalog, tamper detection, etc. Removable communication board with radio, wired M-bus etc.



Third generation of smart residential diaphragm gas meter with gray-code detection, error curve correction for optimal accuracy, AMR by radio or M-bus and integrated gas valve for remote control. Introduction of prepay functionality and multifunction LCD.



Second generation of smart residential diaphragm gas meter is launched, introducing the unique, gray-code high frequency detection system, error curve correction, built-in temperature conversion and radio module option for Automatic Meter Reading.

Flonidan acquires the other Scandinavian manufacturer of EVCD's Dancontrol.


Flonidan launches a new line of PTZ EVCD's for automatic meter reading by PSTN/GSM/SMS/GPRS.


First generation of TZ and PTZ EVCD (Electronic Volume Conversion Device). Flonidan becomes one of the leading manufactures of EVCD's in Europe.


First generation of Smart residential diaphragm gas meter, with electronic temperature conversion, especially designed for outside operation.


Flonidan was established by utility owners and the AVK Group, to construct gas stations and supply metering and regulating equipment for the gasification of Scandinavia.

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