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 Uniflo 1000

Uniflo 1000

Uniflo 1000



Uniflo 1000 is a temperature gas conversion device that meets the demand for economical measurement without compromising quality and accuracy. 

Uniflo 1000 is equipped with a temperature sensor and has a LF-input for the gas meter.

The conversion device is small and easy to install on diaphragm, rotary and turbine gas meters. It can also be installed on the wall (bracket for wall mounting is delivered as standard). Thermo wells for sensor installation on the gas line are available on request.

Uniflo 1000 complies with all relevant European standards such as EN 12405 and MID on metrology, as well as the ATEX directive on explosion- proof requirements.


MID DK-0200-MI002-001

ATEX Demko 04 ATEX 136490X Ex II2 (1) G  Eex ib [ia] IIB T4


Customer benefits

  • High accuracy
  • Economical solution
  • Long battery lifetime - 15 years. Covers the life time of the product
  • Prepared for remote reading with data output
  • Two pulse outputs for volume signals
  • Built-in data logger functionality which keep track of the consumption (13 monthly loggings).
  • Easy to install


Superior benefits

  • Improves the metrological measurement on installation at a reasonable cost.
  • Alternative to PTZ conversion on low pressure networks with stable pressure.
  • Eliminates uncertainty on installations where the gas temperature varies over the day or over the season.



The Uniflo 1000 does not facilitate a general communication port. There is a serial port available for set-up data at the time the converter is not sealed yet. For the set-up a special communication cable with an RS-232 port is available. The Uniflo 1200 is equipped with a 3.5 mm jack connector for the serial port.



For set-up a serial communication cable is available.

For the installation a mounting bracket is available. Normally the temperature sensor is placed in a thermo well. Flonidan does offer different types of thermo well depending on the pipe size used.


Uniflo 1000 download 


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 Uniflo 1000

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