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Itron Gas Pressure Regulators

133 and 233



The 133 and 233 regulators are designed for residential and industrial uses, such as industries, and heating plants, as well as for all installations where accurate pressure control, easy adjustment and fast response times are required, such as for burners, industrial ovens, boilers, etc.


The 133 regulator and the flanged versions of the 233 regulators are equipped with a built-in filter (filtration grade 0.5 mm).







 DSR Gas Pressure Regulators

DSR regulators are a new line of pressure governors developed to guarantee a high regulation accuracy and an utmost easiness in use. They are usually employed in domestic as well as in industrial installations. They are designed to be put both directly on the gas meters and on regulation groups in natural gas and LPG distribution networks. 

DSR regulators integrate over and under pressure safety shut-off as well as relief valve, for full safety.



Gorter High Pressure Regulators


R100 Series


The R100series consists of several effective high pressure regulators for use in gas transmission systems, gas distribution networks and industrial gas pressure regulating systems.


The R100 is a pilot controlled regulator with direct acting features. The direct acting part is extremely fast, while the somewhat slower pilot minimises set point deviations.


All standard models are supplied with a pilot and are suitable for an inlet pressure up to 100 bar and an outlet pressure range of 0.5 up to and including 60 bar.



Gas Pressure Regulators Download


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 Product Download

Regulator Itron  RR16 

Regulator Itron 133 233 

Regulator Itron RB 1200 

Regulator Itron RB 1700-1800 

Regulator Itron RB 2000 

Regulator Itron RB 4000

 Itron RR16 (english)

 Itron 133 233 (english)

 Itron RB 1200 (english)

 Itron RB 1700-1800 (english)

 Itron RB 2000 (english)

 Itron RB 4000 (english)

Regulator DSR


 Regulator Gorter - for high pressure R100-series 

 Regulator Gorter - for high pressure R200-series 

 Gorter R100-series (english)

 Gorter R200-series (english)


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           Itron 133 and 233

          Itron RR16

          DSR regulator

           Gorter R100 Series


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