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Mechanical meters

Mechanical Diaphragms Meters


Uniflo G1.6 to G25

The Uniflo series is a compact residential gas meter designed to measure accurately volumes of natural gas, LPG and all non-corrosive gases.


The Uniflo series with an installed base of over 18 million units, is a versatile meter that makes it the preferred choice of many large utilities world-wide.


Main benefits

  • Compact size

  • Long-term accuracy and safety

  • World-class, ISO 9001 certified, European engineering and manufacturing

The Uniflo G1.6 to G6 are available as mono pipe.

The Uniflo G10 to G16 are available as 2-pipe.

TC meters

Temperature conversion meters 

Temperature Conversion

The basic element is a standard quality diaphragm gas meter measuring unit. The temperature converter is replacing the mechanical counter.

Flonidan A/S has developed a unique temperature measurement system*, which ensures a precisemeasurement of the average gas temperature inside the measuring unit, indepent of the inlet and ambient temperature changes. Correct measurement of the gas temperature may improve the accuracy with up to 3%.

 Uniflo G1.6 to G4 

 with mechanical temperatur conversion

 The UNIFLO G1.6 to G4 gas meter is designed for measurement of gas supplied to apartments where maximum  consumption of gas is equivalent:

  • G1.6  =  2.5 m3/h of air with a density of 1.2 kg/m3.

  • G2.5  =  4 m3/h of air with a density of 1.2 kg/m3.

  • G4     =   6m3/h of air with a density of 1.2 kg/m3.

 UNIFLO G1.6 to G4 can be used for measurement of:

  •  Natural gas

  •  City gas

  •  Propane-butane gas

The UNIFLO G1.6, G4 and G6 gas meter is equipped with pulse magnet as standard. Pulse transmitter can be added  at any time. (1 imp = 0.01 m3).


 Flonidan GXS G1.6SOT to 25SOT 

 with electronic temperatur conversion

 The UNIFLO G1.6, to 25SOT gas meters is designed for measurement of gas supplied to apartments where maximum  consumption of gas is equivalent to:


 UNIFLO Diaphragm meters can be used for measurement of:

  •   Natural gas

  •   City gas

  •   Propane-butane gas


 All GXS meters can as an option be equipped with puls output board or with any available communication board.





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Pulse modul Metrix meters
Itron pulsegiver
Mellem tekst:

Metrix Uniflo G4, G6, G10, G16 and G25 standard mechanical gas meters.

Puls module Itron meters
Itron Puls giver den her
Mellem tekst:

Pulse transmitter for Itron RF1 G4, G6 standard mechanical gas meters. 

Puls module Flonidan Meters
Mellem tekst:

Pulse transmitter for Flonidan GXS meters 2 x pulse output.


Diaphragms Meters download


On this page you have the opportunity to download manuals and files for diaphragms.

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 Product Download

 Metrix Uniflo G1,6 

 Metrix Uniflo G2,5

 Metrix Uniflo G4

 Uniflo G1,6 (english)

 Uniflo G2,5 (english)

 Uniflo G4 (english)

 Itron G10-G40

 Itron G10-G40(english)

 Itron RF1 G4 

 Itron RF1 G6

 RF1 LF transmitter description V2.2 

 Itron RF1 G4 (english)

 Itron RF1 G6 (english)

 Transmitter description V2.2 (english)

 Uniflo SOT - GXS smart gas meter

 Smart gas meter series  (english)



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                 Metrix G4

                 Itron RF1 G4

                 Itron G10 / G16

                 Uniflo SOT


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