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Heat Value Gas Chromatograph


Model HGC303



The model HGC303 is the world smallest gas chromatograph, which is capable of analyzing 11 different components of natural gas and digitally publishing the derived parameters, such as calorific value, Wobbe-index, or density.

The model HGC303's size, weight, cost and other great features gives the user the benefits of functionality, flexibility and economy from the production site to the pipe line station to the gas distributor and onto the end user's station.  




Small size for easy field installation

The model HGC303 has a compact design thus facilitating field installation. In addition, the device can be mounted with a sampling system in the field.   

  • Small compact packaging
  • No analyzer house is required
  • Flameproof certified


Chromatograph download


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 Chromatograph (english)


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Complete energy solution with our gas chromatograph


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