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Rotary meter



Rotary Meter Delta

Delta meters are volumetric meters and designed to measure natural gas and various filtered, and non-corrosive gases. 


Delta are used when very accurate measurement is required, when the flow can be low or irregular. Due to volumetric principle of the Delta meter, its metrology is not influenced by installation conditions. 


Consequently, it can be used to build very compact stations without installing a straight pipe inlet before the meter.


Delta meters are approved for fiscal use.  


Main benefits

  • Excellent long term metrological stability, confirmed by customers
  • Metrology not influenced by installation conditions nor stop-and-go flow rate
  • Large rangeability up to 200:1 approved by the PTB, NMI and other official bodies
  • Minimal pressure loss



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 Itron rotary meter Delta

 Itron Delta (english)



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