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 EB-232 interface 


The EB-232 is designed to interface between a Flonidan Unilfo 1100/1200 and an AMR-System, a SCADA-System, a Modem or directly to a PC. The EB-232 has a built-in multi-channel Safety Barrier to fulfil the ATEX requirements for an associated device. The EB-232 is available in mains version 85Vac to 240 Vac or in 24Vdc or 12 Vdc or USB(5Vdc). The USB version is meant to be used for local meter reading. This version cannot power the Uniflo where all other power variants can.

There are 2 versions of the EB-232 available.
The standard EB-232 is just a signal converter and the EB-232i has a microprocessor to handle special communication requirements for the Unilfo 1200.

 • RS-232 to UniWire conversion
 • Full duplex into Half duplex
 • Password handling for secure data
 • Grouping of date/time addresses to one
 • Powering the Unilfo 1200
 • ATEX approved as associated product TÜV 14ATEX 133756X Ex II(2) G [Ex ia Gb] IIB






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 EB-232 Interface

 EB-232 Interface (english)



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