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Flonidan starts production in the UK

June 12 , 2017

To meet the increasing demand for smart gas meters Danish-based FLONIDAN starts production in United Kingdom. The first deliveries of smart gas meters from the manufacturing centre in Coventry has already been made.   

As UK energy suppliers speed up the national smart meter roll out,  the demand for high volumes of smart gas meters increases. To meet the growing demand FLONDAN is expanding production to UK soil.

”The british gas utilities need smart gas meters now and although we expect to double the production capacity in our existing production setup, we still aren´t delivering as much as requested”, says COO Anders Hornshoej.

Earlier this year FLONIDAN opened their first UK-based office in Cambridge and now production follows.

”We are truly pleased to inform our british customers, that we have entered an agreement with George Wilson Industries (GWI) to produce additional meters at their UK manufacturing centre in Coventry, says Anders Hornsnhoej. 

”First shipment of G4 smart gas meters was made start June and we expect to reach a monthly capacity of + 40,000 smart gas meters out of the factory in Coventry already before year end”.

GWI is owned by Apator Metrix and has many years of experience in production of diagphram gas meters and domestic pressure regulators. GWI meets the same high standards of quality, information security, environment and work environment as FLONIDAN and the british gas utilies will  be getting the exact same quality product from Coventry as other FLONIDAN production facilities.

Due to the increasing demand for smart gas meters in UK FLONIDAN expects considerable growth in both sales and results for the financial year 2016/2017. 


The small Giant from Denmark
May 5, 2017

The small Giant from Denmark - AVK Interlink Magazine


Flonidan sells gas converter line to gAvilar B.V - PRESS RELEASE

March 16, 2017

UNIFLO 1200Flonidan has entered into an agreement to sell its gas converter line to gAvilar B.V., a Dutch market leader, specialized in the design, construction and installation of gas pressure regulators and gas stations.

The product line of gas converters entails the models Uniflo 1000/1100 and 1200, which are all well-known high quality volume converters, produced and sold under the Flonidan name for decades.

The gas converters are bought by gas utilities throughout The World and used for the supply of natural gas. Design, production and sales has been managed entirely by Flonidan with an installed base of 10.000’s of converters.

“The gas converter line has a strong market position, a clear growth potential and a reputation of long-standing quality and accuracy, says CEO Sten Dyrmose. Growing our market on smart gas meters we do however experience fewer synergies between this business and the business of gas converters. With gAvilar as new owner, the converter line will without a doubt take an important next step to unleash its full potential and deliver added value to customers”.

Alongside the Flonidan converter line gAvilar also takes over the agency of FMG rotary and turbine flow meters, which Flonidan has held for selected markets.
“We are working closely with gAvilar to ensure a smooth transition for our customers and suppliers”, says Sten Dyrmose.

gAvilar Director Pieter Klijs comments: “These volume converters are a logical next step for gAvilar in its growing potential to serve gas industry worldwide with high quality and more sophisticated gas products”.

The sale includes all assets related to the converter line and one key employee in product management.  

Exiting the business of converters and flow meters supports the Flonidan strategy to focus on smart gas metering as its core business. “Smart Metering has kick-started one of the most transformative periods in the history of gas metering and ultimately redefined the gas energy business as we know it.  We have managed to get a strong foothold, but to expand this, we need to be very lean and focused in our approach and continue to add value to our customers, says Sten Dyrmose

The transition is expected to be completed by April 1st, 2017.


About gAvilar B.V 

gAvilar is located in Dordrecht and holds, with around 60 employees, a leading position in the Dutch gas industry. gAvilar is fully owned by its Management and Anders Invest, a Dutch long term investment company. By far-reaching robotization and good engineering gAvilar delivers a constant and high quality that is crucial to ensure the safety of gas networks. gAvilar is known for years as one of the few parties that meets quality and safety requirements for household gas pressure regulators and gas pressure regulation & measuring stations. It has a growing position abroad, which Anders Invest and Management wants to strengthen by adding new product lines and investments in export markets.





Exhibiting as EUW 2016
November 7, 2016

site183_31352_en_file1 (3)


We are participating at the European Utility Week in Barcelona 15-17 November.

Meet us on booth 3F69 at the Smart Gas & Smart Water Section and join our presentations about the FAIR meter project on the Hub and at the Summit. See you in Barcelona! 



AC Horsens og Flonidan indgår sponsoraftale

September 9, .2016


Fredag mødte direktør Sten Dyrmose op på arbejde i gul spillertrøje. Anledningen var, at Flonidan netop har indgået ny sponsoraftale med AC Horsens og har valgt at give kampbilletter til alle ansatte.

 ”Vi bor i Horsens og det er kun naturligt, at mange af vores medarbejdere kender og følger AC Horsens. Har de lyst til at tage familie, venner eller naboer med til en kamp, så vil vi gerne give dem den mulighed”, udtaler Sten Dyrmose.  

Flonidan har været gennem en voldsom vækst det seneste år, efter at firmaet fik tildelt en historisk stor ordre på 1,4 mio. gasmålere fra et hollandsk energikonsortium. Medarbejderstaben er vokset med næsten 30%, så bygningerne på Islandsvej nu rummer 55 ansatte.

Aftalen vækker også glæde hos salg- og marketingchef Morten Holmer fra AC Horsens:  ”Vi er meget glade for, at Flonidan støtter op om os og synes, at det er en rigtig god ide, at et firma bruger en sponsoraftale til at gøre noget for medarbejderne”. Det bliver dejligt at se Flonidan folk på lægterne og første kamp bliver jo et brag af en kamp mod FCK d. 18. september!”.

Flonidan meldte tidligere på ugen, at man påtænker at udvide fabrikken på Islandsvej med bl.a. nyt produktionsanlæg i 2017/2018.  

Læs mere på AC Horsens´s website  


Horsens Folkeblad om Hollandsordren  

Setptember 8, 2016

 Holland ringede- 1,400,000 gasmaalere tak.pdf

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